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Reminder to Australia: Hogwarts survived Umbridge. We can do this.

Hogwarts survived Umbridge by forming an army behind her back then leaving her in the forest for dead…

that’s right. take notes

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  1. Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: "Rumors that this person had different gender attraction as well as same gender attraction were created to make them seem straight."
  2. Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: "If you headcanon this character as bi instead of gay you're forcing heterosexuality on them."
  3. Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: (calls past mixed gender relationships of a bi person "straight relationships")
  4. Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: "As much as we'd like to let bisexuals into our community, when the going gets tough they'll probably align themselves with heteros to save their skins."
  5. Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: "So you're only half queer?"
  6. Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: (assumes all bi women date men and all bi men date women)
  7. Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: "Bisexuals will never know what it's like to experience real bigotry the way we do."
  8. Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: "I'd rather have a straight ally represent me than a bi person, at least good allies acknowledge their privilege."
  9. Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: "You have a preference for different gender people? So you're actually hetero then?"
  10. Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: (assumes all bi people date straight people)
  11. Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: "Why would you need 'bi pride,' gay pride already celebrates same gender attraction, isn't that enough? Do you really need to celebrate your heterosexual side too?"
  12. Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: "You need to acknowlege your straight passing privelege."
  13. Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: (bi person breaks up with them) "So it turns out they were hetero all along."
  14. Bi Person: ...
  15. Bi Person: "Sometimes Monosex-"
  16. Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: "Excuse me? Did you just lump US in with STRAIGHT PEOPLE? Do you realize how much it hurts to be put in the same category as your OPPRESSOR? Why are you obsessed with proving that you're QUEERER THAN US? If you don't issue us an APOLOGY and then NEVER use that word again it will prove that bi people are the most HOMOPHOBIC people in the world!"
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there are 3 types of people

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There are designer grapes that taste just like cotton candy.  Source


There are designer grapes that taste just like cotton candy. Source

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I feel like an annual $1 tax that goes to fund a wrap-up episode for TV shows that get cancelled is legislation I’d get behind